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NovaTel company was founded in 1998 by several engineers sharing a common idea of bringing the latest ICT solutions into domestic market. Following this idea, the aim of the company has been to improve quality of living and working conditions by supplying modern products and services. NovaTel takes care of human resources development by offering the same possibilities to all of its employees. Also, we see a great importance in students of technical sciences, so they continuously have opportunity to visit our company and find out how everything they have learned works in practice.


In addition, we pay attention to environment, by strictly following procedures necessary to make our environment cleaner and healthier. Alongside its clients, partners and employees, the NovaTel company seeks to take care of wider community. As an initiator and participator at numerous activities, intended for the youngest, we try to create better future for next generations. Over time, some of them have become traditional, such as the sponsorship of Children`s October Salon, of the Museum of Applied Art. In addition, for more than 17 years of successful business, NovaTel has been trying to create better living, playing and studying conditions by donating to many organizations, institutions and individuals such as:



Besides the above mentioned donations, NovaТel supports other socially responsible activities created by other companies and organizations.


The crown of our philanthropic activities is the project Free internet at your school, which has seen a lot of success – for less than one year, we have provided 50 schools throughout Serbia with free wireless internet with unlimited access to students and professors for educational and other purposes.










































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