Aviat networks IP-MPLS/Radio integration, 5GB/s over air, first SDN radio

Twenty years partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers of radio equipment and implementation of our experience gained in various projects where high reliability of critical communications is required, we offer a wide portfolio of products and provide solutions in the licensed and unlicensed spectrum, with speed up to 5Gbit / s all in one radio.

Aviat Networks, leader of targeted MW connections who continuously invests in the development of the next generation of products, has in its portfolio several different platforms such as: Hybrid radio IP/L2+TDM, ALL IP radio split system, All outdoor radio, Integrated radio router IPMPLS/L3 and thus unifies the radio relay platform in a unique way and IP/MPLS router covering the range of 5-42 GHz, all of them being interoperable.

Aviat Networks developed the first platform Adaptive Dual Channel (A2C), with bandwidth of 7-224MHz and adaptive modulation of 4096QAM. New generation of radio are purpose build for SDN

In order to make it easier to work in complex networks, a special software platform for network management and control (cloud or standalone) has been developed, with the possibility of performing various analyses of traffic and services.