As the leading global supplier of all the passive optical products and connectivity solution, we offer full portfolio of 3M and NovaTel fiber solutions enable crews to install fiber faster and more efficiently while keeping disruption to a minimum. These products include interconnection, fiber management and facilities protection. Proven products optimized for signal integrity, throughput, reliability and ease of installation and maintenance.

3M has introduced the Clear Track product family of fiber to the home (FTTH) cabling and installation products for in-building fiber cable deployments. There are:

  • Fiber Drop Cable is a specially designed all dielectric cable for FTTH use. Because of its easy fiber access design, this unique cable can be transitioned from outdoor to indoors without the need for a splice or connection point.
  • Clear Track Fiber Pathway for indoor residential or office applications. The pathway captures and routes a single 3M™ 900 μm Clear Fiber to the desired outlet or terminal location, while remaining virtually invisible.
  • One Pass Fiber Pathway is a horizontal cable pathway and drop cable solution installed simultaneously in one pass around a hallway perimeter. Ideal for use in brownfield Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) serviced by FTTH networks. Also suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools and small businesses.

And because installation is so fast and unobtrusive, residents will hardly know it’s there.

We combine components and development product which has special requirements from our customer.

Also, we offer all necessary tools for FFTH installation including splicer and OTDR instruments.